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What is Get Caught Listening?

Recent studies have shown that one in every five American households listen to audiobooks. Get Caught Listening is a nationwide public service campaign intended to promote the joys of audiobook listening. The campaign will be produced by the Association of American Publishers and is expected to launch in June 2008. A brand extension of the nationwide public service Get Caught Reading campaign, Get Caught Listening communicates the pleasures of audiobook listening in all audio formats, and promotes the value of the medium as a beneficial learning tool supporting literacy and education.

The Get Caught Reading web site is visited by thousands of book lovers – booksellers, educators, and librarians from all around the world, with requests for posters to accompany grassroots reading campaigns across the globe. All Get Caught Listening PSAs are available for download and use at any event. Check them out!

  • Download audio of why your favorite authors love audiobooks so much! Get lost in the words of an audiobook. Get Caught Listening!
  • Order Posters of your favorite authors Getting Caught Listening. Take a look!
  • Teachers: Learn how to use audiobooks in the classroom and how kids Getting Caught Listening can be used as a learning tool!
  • Attention Booksellers and Librarians. Learn more about the impact of audiobooks!

Get Caught Listening campaign goals

  • Celebrity Voice-Overs: The excitement of being a part of the inaugural campaign is expected to afford public figures the chance to illustrate to booksellers, librarians and educators nation-wide their support of the written word in audiobook format. We expect to incorporate the voiceovers of select public figures for the inaugural launch. Authors who have already shown their support of audiobooks include Valerie Bertinelli, Chelsea Handler, Frank McCourt, Brad Meltzer, LL Cool J, Lisa Scottoline, Pearle Cleage, Jackie Collins, Marci Shimoff, with more on the way!

    The centerpiece of the campaign feature a series of select voiceover 'soundbites' of celebrities and public figures lending their voice to illustrating their love of "reading with their ears," and captures the tone of their personality, i.e.: "With an audiobook, my ears open my eyes. And my imagination travels with me wherever I go, with CD, or MP3. On the beach, on the road, at home. Nothing's more inspiring than getting lost in the story that lets my ears turn the pages. A good audiobook speaks for itself. Get caught with the literary rhythm of a good audiobook. Get Caught, Listening."
  • Learn with Get Caught Listening. The Milken Family Foundation has investigated the effects of listening to audiobooks on children's reading ability and found that programs that included the use of audiobooks improved children's reading proficiency more than programs that did not use them. (Audiobooks and Literacy: An Educator's Guide to Utilizing Audiobooks in the Classroom © Listening Library, a division of Random House, Inc.)
  • Media and Industry Supporters: AAP has developed ongoing outreach to media and industry organizations for pro bono support and cooperative initiatives including: XM Satellite Radio's Sonic Theatre, Audio-File Magazine, American Booksellers Association, Audio Publishers Association, Audio Partners Inc and more to join the Get Caught Listening broadband bandwagon by airing audio clips on the nation's soundwaves and cyberspace and sharing the love of audiobooks with customers, patrons and students nationwide.
  • About Get Caught Reading: The Association of American Publishers launched Get Caught Reading in May of 1999 with a goal to remind people how much fun it is to read. The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of photographs of well-known celebrities and public figures who have been "caught reading" their favorite books. A list of celebrity supporters is enclosed, along with their campaign photographs, some of which include Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams, to name just a few. The images are used as posters and print ads, and major magazines and newspapers including TV Guide, People, New York Times, USA Today, and many, many others have donated full-page ad space for our celebrity photographs. The photographs are available as posters to booksellers, libraries and teachers to complement book and reading events throughout the country.
  • How Publishers Can Get Their Authors Involved: The Association of American Publishers/Audio Publishers Association Get Caught Listening Committee invites all print and audio publishers to submit their authors for consideration. Authors are requested to sign a simple talent release form, and supply audio, photograph, video, or any combination thereof, for the campaign. All materials are subject to the approval of the author and publisher prior to postingFor more information on how to get your author involved with Get Caught Listening contact Tina Jordan at

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